The Worse Anime Betrayals you should know.

Updated: May 7, 2020

Betrayals: Nothing stings more than a knife in your back!

Today we'll be counting down our picks for the worse anime betrayals.

This list is it just dedicated to the bastards who screw people over.We're putting emphasis on betrayals the audience wasn't expecting over betrayals we all knew were coming.We're also excluding brainwashing via supernatural powers as those types of betrayals are unintentional

Number 1 - Sailor Moon, Sailor Stars (1996-97)

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune joined sailor Galaxia!

Talk about upping the ante for a series finale Sailor Uranus and Neptune joining the villainous galaxia is bad enough but to watch them pummel the scouts that hadn't been killed and kill Pluto and Saturn is heart crushing not just because they're allies but because they're practically Saturn's adoptive parents. The betrayal was a failed attempt to catch Galaxia off guard and inevitably leads to the two betrayers being killed. Can we just go back to the simpler days of Sailor Moon crying her villains away again

Number 2 - Fate/stay Night: Unlimited Blade works (2014-15)

Archer wants to kill...himself!

Most characters from an alternate timeline want to change the course of history, Archer is no exception but his methods and motivations are a bit of a doozy he leaves his master rin because he thinks castor has a greater chance of winning the Holy Grail war

.Don't gasp yeah that's not the most shocking part wait for it Archer wants to kill the main character Shirou because Archer is Shirou. Archer for lack of better words wants to kill himself

Number 3 - Gankutsuou:The Count of Monte Cristo(2004-05)

An entire series based on betrayal.

Alexandre Dumas's classic novel is known for being the ultimate tale of revenge. the anime adaptation adds a vivid sci-fi Flair while keeping all of the brutal backstabbing intact.

You obviously want the count to win, he was imprisoned for false charges while the love of his life unknowingly married one of the men who betrayed him, so yes we're rooting for him and feel guilty for cheering so wildly. we're torn between wanting these people to suffer and feeling bad for what they and their families go through

Number 4 - Attack on Titan (2013-)

Anni Leonhardt is the female Titan.

Surely you can handle a few more WTF moments in this enemy right the female Titan cranked up the intensity in a series that let's face it already had us on the edge every episode. After watching her brutally murder quite a few characters including Levi squat and beat the crap out of Aaron's Titan form she's finally defeated.While there are clues pointing to her identity and the others pray that they're wrong it's still upsetting to watch auntie's face as she transforms

Number 5 - X/1999 (2001-02)

Arashi betrays the Dragons of heaven.

It's hard to alter your fate but damn it Arashi gives it a good try. Sorata Arisugawa, the lovable hero that he is says that it's his destiny to die for the woman he loves

Arashi ignores him at first but the two do end up growing closer, later Sorata is severely injured but keeps the smile on his face since Arashi is ok.This solidifies a Arashi's decision to leave the group and join the opposing side because if she's a villain Sorata has no reason to die for her, right?

Number 6 - Bleach(2004-12)

Aizen betrays the soul Society.

Never ever trust the quiet ones especially if those quiet ones wear glasses a once well-respected captain no one was expecting the major to turn in his character not just because of the gentle smile but because he was kind of well murdered. His lieutenant Momo was overjoyed to see that he was actually alive only to be stabbed by him and left for dead.At least after his evil reveal he ditched the glasses as he spoke of plans to stand on top of the world.

Number 7 - Kill La Kill (2013-14)

Satsuki betrays Ragyo.

At the start of the series we're pretty confident that Satsuki sorry lady Satsuki is the main villain not just from ryuko's assumptions, but from the fact that she's made resting bitchface into a way of life.However as the series progresses we finally need it's real antagonist Satsuki's mother Ragyo.There's plenty of reason to despise her but for the sake of this list we point out how she's been taking pleasure in molesting her own daughter for years.we've never been so satisfied with a literal backstab.

Number 8 - Puella Magi Madoka Magica (2011)

Please do not sign Kyubey contract.

Isn't Kyubey the cutest and he'll grant you any wish you want as long as you sign his contract and become a magical girl.Who wouldn't want to have their wishes granted us. Us and anyone who's seen this series Kyubey a is a sadistic, unfeeling creature who tortures these girls while rolling around like a kitten and feeding his own remains, the worst part is that technically he did give everyone what they wanted, he just failed to mention the soul-sucking torment

Number 9 - Revolutionary Girl Utena (1997)

Anthy Stabs Utena in the back- literally!

Utena wants to be a prince, Anthy is treated like a tool even by her brother.Together these two young women form a bond that goes beyond the connection between a prince and a princess.It's not just a matter of friendship it's a matter of Utena being the only one who's ever treated Anthy as a living breathing person. After we finally feel like auntie has made some progress she stabbed Utena, the only person who cares about her in the back- literally!!

Oh! before we reveal our final betrayer of trust let's have a look at some honorable mentions:-

  1. Itachi Kills his own clan - Naruto (2005-09)

  2. Villetta Nu Shoots her lover- Code Geass.Lelouch of the Rebellion (2008-09)

  3. Grell betrays Madame Red- Black Butler (2010)

  4. Yui hates Miaka- Fushigi Yuugi (1995)

  5. Rossiu overthrows Simons- Gurren Lagaan (2008)

Number 10 - Berserk series (1997-2013)

Griffith becomes Femto.

After Griffiths dreams are shattered by a king who loves his daughter in a way that well nobody could have expected, Griffith is left to rot away in the deepest darkest dungeon. When his loyal band led by Casca and Guts risks everything to rescue him Griffith has finally given the opportunity to fulfill his destiny.However offers from a demon don't come cheap and Griffith agrees to sacrifice his lifelong friends and companions to transform himself into a demon. Probably the most tragic part is that the band unaware of what is really happening are still trying to protect Griffith, even as they're being torn apart.oh and by the way this is how the anime ends.

That's it. That's all, bad guy wins, huh! This is our list of "The worse anime betrayals". Do you agree with our list? Which anime do you think we betrayed by leaving off of our list? For more such content subscribe to our mailing list. Check out our other blog posts.Click here

We will not betray you!!

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