The Famous Anime Studio in Japan

Anime Studio in Japan

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In this article we are going to talk about the anime studios in Japan.

While watching anime a thought must have crossed in your brains as to how this mind-blowing, eye teasing animes are being produced.

Well there are special studios for that just like the studios for movie making.

These fun animations are not less easy to make as compared to movies or TV series or any other entertainment source. These animations also require top-notch stories, mind-blowing plots, character formations, and much more.

So, not wasting much of the time our list goes as follows:-

Anime Studio in Japan

These are the people behind anime like Food Wars, A certain magical index, one punch man season 2, but those titles alone you can see why they would make the cut, I mean this studio is behind some of the best-looking food in all of the anime and we all know anime food looks better than real food.

They gave us DanMachi, Slayers, Toradora, Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama and a whole slew of other classical anime J.C. Staff has definitely earned their spot on this list

10. A1 Pictures
Anime Studio in Japan

I mean come on what did you expect, I bet you all the money I have right now which isn't much that you have at least one A1 Pictures anime on your top ten favorite list.

These are the people behind some of the most popular shows in the industry.

They did Word Art Online, Fairy Tail, Black Butler, Blue Exorcist, The Idol Master, Your lie in April, and Erased and that's just a few on their list.

A1pictures have also been involved in other studio works like the Studio Trigger's Darling in the Franxx. When it comes to anime studios they're probably the most known. Sadly the most known does not mean the best but they still have well earned their spot on my list.

8. Toei Animation
Anime Studio in Japan

Hail to the Shounen Kings Toei Animation is responsible for groundbreaking anime like dragon ball, one-piece, Sailor Moon and Digimon.

If that's not enough to put respect on the studio's name then I don't know what is?

This studio is known for tackling not only big titles but long titles as well. Looking at Toe's one piece, it's no surprise that the animation quality is well lacking at the time but Toe still manages in the list for us because of their endearing efforts to bring our favorite shows to life and if you're still complaining about the animation quality without them you wouldn't even be watching the show.

7. Mappa
Anime Studio in Japan

A Fairly new studio established in 2011 has been taken anime community by storm.

Hit series like Zombieland saga, Kakegurui, and Dororo, yes all of these are done by the same Studio. Their most popular anime is "Yuri!!! on Ice". I'll give a minute for the fangirls.

When you're making anime every season that scores tops of the charts you know you're doing something right and I mean come on these guys did Dororo for Christ's sake. They deserve to be on this list.

6. Bones
Anime Studio in Japan

We didn't put them on this list what kind of anime fans what we'd be? If you don't know what the studio is then you should start writing your thank-you letters now.

This studio is behind shows like FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Mob Psycho, Boku no Hero Academia, space dandy and so much more.

Founded in 1998 City of Bones has been given us quality anime since the early 2000s and it is not a far stretch to say that the anime community wouldn't be what it is today without them.

They even blessed us with FMA needless to say when an anime fan listens to "Bones" name they know they're getting crisp, clean animation.

5. Wit Studio
Anime Studio in Japan

Okay now you're probably wondering what anime studio can take bones after all the smash titles they have done.

Well, boy, do I have a surprise for you coming.

We have the relatively young yet very successful studio "Wit".For those who don't know studio WIt are the people behind shows like "Seraph of the End", the new anime "Vinland saga" and most notably "Attack on Titan" and I mean you give us Attack on Titan you deserve to be at the top 5.

It was a close call but we had to put weight above bones. Wit does not have as many classics they still managed to pull the way to the top of everyone's anime watch list with their very first show Attack on Titan making them forever cherished and in the hearts of anime fans.

4. Trigger
Anime Studio in Japan

The studio that saved anime with the name like that how could anyone ignore you.

Established in 2011 Studio Trigger has more than earned their spot as anime saviors.

They gave his shows like "Kill La Kill", "Little Witch Academia ", "Darling in the Franxx" and recently impressed anime fans everywhere with "Promare", no one makes anime like Studio trigger.

They can turn the most over-the-top concepts and to straight badass stories. I mean Kill La Kill was about nudists versus clothing and it's still rated as one of the best animes of 2013 and the start of a new generation.

You can't ignore their wacky yet fun style nor can you ignore their crazy stories, the only reason they're not higher on this list is that they refuse to give us a season 2 of anything.

I mean there are other reasons, yeah but a season 2 of kill La Kill will certainly help them out. Somebody please make that happen.

3. Madhouse
Anime Studio in Japan

You knew they were up here so don't even look surprised.

Established all the way back in 1972 Madhouse is basically been the king of anime Studios for a while. We hear it that there is a saying if you want your anime to look good give it to Madhouse and if you don't know now you know.

Madhouse is responsible for "Hunter x Hunter" 2011, "One Punch Man", "Overlord", "Death Parade", "No game no Life", and one of the most popular animes to ever exist: "Death Note", yes!! they gave us Death Note.

Personal opinions aside Madhouse is probably anime's number one studio by far. They put One Punch Man on the map, they brought Hunter x Hunter back to the mainstream and they gave us Death Note. Have you seen Death Note?

Sadly while Madhouse is qualified to be number one on this list they're not because two others are way more dear ties.

2. Kyoto Animation
Anime Studio in Japan

Kyoto's animation has left their mark on anime forever by giving us animes like Haruhi Suzumiya no Shoushitsu, tearjerkers like Violet Evergarden, actions like Full Metal Panic and Beyond the Boundary and down to earth great shows like "Hyouka" and "Free!".

Kyoto animations trademark style, gorgeous scenery and top-notch character design has been leaving anime fans in aww for years.

We never thought an anime could look so pretty until we saw Kyoto's work.

Let's just hope they pull through this recent tragedy and continue to do what they do best.

Thoughts go out to the families of the lost animators thank you for your work.

1. Ufotable
Anime Studio in Japan

When you make all your anime look like they're on a movie budget then you're doing something right and we know Ufotable hasn't always been the pinnacle of quality but with chills like Fate and Demon Slayer looking as good as they do how can you not put the studio at the top of your list.

If you couldn't tell we're pretty huge fake fans. No one has done Fate as well as them since sorry for the words and I don't think I have much to say about Demon Slayer.

Ufotable animated Demon Slayers fight scene so well that the manga sales almost beat one piece that month and for those who don't know one piece is the number one selling comic book of all time when it comes to volumes.

So thanks Ufotable and let's be serious here no one does a fight seen better when it comes to this anime studio, Ufotable is our number one.

If we left any of your favorites out then let us know in the comments below also if you have any ideas or questions you can contact us at We're always open to suggestions and if you like this type of content then make sure you subscribe to our mailing list.

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