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          Oriental Expression

            01223 834729

          34C Industrial Estate,

          Pampisford (Sawston),


          CB22 3EE



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          72x36x30 inches high

          183x91x77 cms high

          Table adjusts to 3 sizes  

          -36x36” - 64x36” - 72x36”

          Round Cornered Chinese  Dining Table with 6 seats Plain design

          This beautiful rosewood table has 2 removable leaves allowing for 4 seat, 6 seat or 8 seat dining.

          Chinese dining table with 6 side chairs Rectangular Chinese Dining Table with 6 chairs.

          Colour 3L in Stock -

          Plain design 72x36” incl 6 side chairs

          Table with 1 leaf fitted- 64 x 36 inches, 163 x 91 cms Click here for SALE price