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          39 x 17.5 x 58 inches high

          99 x 44 x 147 centimeters high


          Korean Chest

          Korean Antique Chest on Chest

          With beaurifully figured Elm veneered panels, this pine chest is framed in Cedar wood with decorative brass hinges and lock plates in the form of butterflies  -      

          A two part chest with 4 drawers and 2 doors above a 2 door storage cabinet in the base.

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          Chinese Furniture - solid rosewood dining suit 01223 834729 Buy from Stock copyright oriental expression 2009 rosewood colour samples 2 July, 2016      ?Oriental Expression     tel: 01223 834729
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          Wood Colours

          OPTIONS -

          Finishes - Solid  wood, in a range of finishes & colours.

          Handles- carved, brass, or inlaid with Mother of Pearl.

          Carvings- Long Life, dragon, bird & flower and grapes are the most popular designs.

          Sizes - available in a range of sizes and made  to your own measurements using our bespoke service.

          Tel: 01223 834729

          Tuesday-Saturday 10.00-5.00


          (Full retail price £  )


          Oriental Expression

          Unit 34c, Industrial Estate,

          London Road,


          Cambridgeshire CB22 3EE

          tel. 01223 834729. Open: Tuesday - Saturday 10.00 -5.00