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           Rosewood Ming style dining suite from Oriental Expression. copyright oriental expression 2009 chinese furniture at Oriental Expression Quality for Life
rosewood colour samples

          Tel: 01223 834729

          Tuesday-Saturday 10.00-5.00

          OPTIONS -

          Rosewood, blackwood, redwood, ash, chi chi wood, in a range of finishes & colours.

          Handles- carved, brass, or inlaid with Mother of Pearl.

          Carvings- Long Life, dragon, bird & flower and grapes are the most popular designs.

          Sizes - available in a range of sizes and made  to your own measurements using our bespoke service.


          Back. Price List. 12 June, 2013      ?Oriental Expression     tel: 01223 834729

          Wood Colours

          40x20x23” high

          102x51x58 cms high

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          Panelled Rosewood Chest with Camphor wood lining

          This beautifully made linen chest is lined in camphor wood to deter insects from attacking  the contents. Capacious storage for blankets, duvets etc.  

          Shown here in contrasting finishes no 2 & 4L

          Also available without the lock plate fitted.

          OE 7360