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          Oriental Expression

            01223 834729

          34C Industrial Estate,

          Pampisford (Sawston),


          CB22 3EE

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          Revolving bar stool with horseshoe back Chinese bench seat with bird and flower carving - bespoke Blackwood drum stool Rosewood stool with dragon & phoenix carving and tiger feet Traditional Chinese rosewood stool with carved rope design legs Chinese rosewood Drum stool with 5 legs Small Chinese 5 leg stool in rosewood Small stool - OE7026 Chinese ash drum stool Rosewood Chinese drum stool with mother of pearl inlay Ming style flower stand - open key design Rosewood Chinese flower stand with open key carving Chinese rosewood flower stand - plain design Ceramic Chinese garden stool

          Chinese Stools

          This selection of traditional Oriental stools and flower stands is available in rosewood and a choice of timbers, colours and finishes with a choice of inlays and carvings.  Here we have some of the more popular designs plus one or two custom made items for interest.  A versatile piece of furniture which also works well as a side table or bonsai stand.

          For more information tel: 01223 834729

          Chinese flower stand - bird & flower designChinese flower stand with dragon carving