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          Oriental Expression

            01223 834729

          34C Industrial Estate,

          Pampisford (Sawston),


          CB22 3EE

          A selection of our extensive collection of handmade occasional tables. For  more information and details, please tel:01223 834729

          Click on a picture below for a larger image image.

          Side Table with Key design relief carving Side Table with Drawer - plain design

          Side table RM-ST/D/P

          Side Table with drawer - long life design

          Side table RM-ST/D/L

          ET OE34E55END Ming Style End Table End Cabinet Longlife ET OE7028 ET OEEDSIDE ET OE7335 ET OE7334 ET OE7043P ET OE7043P IN STOCK IN STOCK IN STOCK IN STOCK IN STOCK MING STYLE SIDE TABLE 20X20X20 IN STOCK Small side table OE7613 IN STOCK